Options Menu
Selecting your NFTs and setting player options inside the Evaverse

Options Menu

Pressing the Escape key brings up the Options menu. From here, players can access their custom NFT loadout, pair their wallets, change display settings, and choose which avatars and companions to use within the Evaverse.
ESC is the Options Menu Hotkey
Players can access their NFT inventory through the loadout panels in the options window.
  • Servers - Create or Join a server to play with other players.
  • Skins - Contains First Arrival NFT avatars and a selectable UI screen.
  • Mini-Games- Choose which mini-games to interact with inside the Evaverse.
  • Pets - Contains Evaverse Turtle Troops companion avatars and a selectable UI screen.
  • Gear - Contains Evaverse Hoverboard vehicles and a selectable UI scree
  • Bots - Add or remove bot players to engage in minigames together.
  • 2D NFTs - Verify ownership of 2D NFTs to show off in-game and unlock exclusive content
  • Settings - Change game settings, resolution, audio, control, and usability settings.
  • Logout - Logout of the current Evaverse session
  • Exit Game- Exit the Evaverse Application.
Players can pair their wallets to their Evaverse accounts inside the Settings Menu
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