The Evaverse Play-to-Earn Token Economy

Player-first Economy

The $EVA Token is currently in development with a target release of late Q3 - early Q4 2022. This token is focused on rewarding the Evaverse community and creating a decentralized ownership model that incentivizes engagement and growth in the game.
Goal #1 - Reward Early Adopters and Supporters
By releasing badges/ticket system, early adopters and supporters were able to earn and participate in the economy before others. More events, rewards, and airdrops in the future will also reward early adopters while still being engaging and fun for new players.
Goal #2 - Support Sustainable Growth of the Evaverse
The vision of the token launch is to add value to the game and experience and support the community's growth, which requires careful and intentional effort. To avoid a "ponzinomics" design that requires a constant influx of new players or makes unsustainable promises that burn long-term bagholders, Evaverse depends on long-term sustainable growth. This means building the Evaverse into a game players want to play because it's fun. That's how the economy flourishes long-term.
Goal #3 - Raise Capital
Only strategic partners in the space have been considered to bring in additional funding through private sales of the token. There's a lot of outside interest and desire to participate. However, the focus is on strategic value add partners and experts in the web3 field that can support the Battlebound vision for building a sustainable game economy.
This illustration represents the high-level view of the economy design structure. NFT Avatar levels will be introduced which increases as you play. Higher-level NFTs earn more tokens. Everyone can play for free, and tokens will be distributed to NFT players as they participate in mini-games. You will have to burn/sink those tokens into the game to increase your earning capacity. You will also be able to craft and clone new NFTs, and level up land, which gives unique bonuses for the time you and your guild spend playing games. In the following weeks, more information into the game features and economy design will be released.
Tokenomics Core Loop
As the token framework, allocations, and partners get finalized, meaningful progress is being made toward the long-term tokenized game economy.
The utility token may be launched in-game before the governance token. This tokenized version of the game will be played through our launcher, not on Steam. In the meantime, expanding the off-chain economy to pave the way for a smooth token launch will be the main focus. The time taken to launch the token correctly benefits everyone in order to build a high-value sustainable gaming product.
As the finalization of tokenomics for the Evaverse economy continues, this page will be updated with all relevant information to the Play-to-Earn rewards model.
More details about this system will be released soon.
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