Evaverse Team
Built by AAA Game Developers

Damos - CEO

Damos has been a veteran game designer and developer for over ten years. He’s led teams and held senior-level development roles on large AAA titles and small indie teams in the PC, Mobile, and VR spaces. He’s built scalable development pipelines for games with millions of players and has a keen knowledge of production and game dev best practices. He’s the founder of the Evaverse and runs the business development, art, and design of the game.

Antegar - Gameplay Engineer

Antegar has been programming video games for over 20 years. He’s shipped over 25 titles on 10+ gaming platforms and knows more programming languages than you can count on two hands. Whether it is gameplay code, solidity, AAA, or Indie, Antegar can program it. He is the lead engineer on the Evaverse and manages the tech that powers the game.
Anonymous Team:
Together Damos and Antegar launched the Evaverse game anonymously, intending to bootstrap a full-size AAA play-to-earn gaming company. The plan is to reveal the founding team's identities alongside the new play-to-earn game studio and future VC partners. This announcement is happening in Q1 of 2022, and this section will be updated to match.
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