Proof of Ownership

Evaverse On-Chain Currency

$EVA - Proof of Ownership

The Collectible Battlepass

The Evaverse will provide a unique take on the Battlepass feature that will take full advantage of blockchain technology. Each season’s Battlepass will only be available in the Evaverse for a limited time. However, thanks to the nature of blockchain technology, players who missed out on a particular Battlepass, may be able to find them on NFT marketplaces such as Open Sea.

Players who own a Battlepass can activate it and begin leveling it using Badges. Every level will unlock special rewards, including but not limited to exclusive cosmetic items, {{Stars}}, Account Experience, NFTs, and a Whitelist Spot for the NFT collection related to the particular Battlepass being leveled. Players can only have one active Battlepass at a time, but there is no expiry date once activated. We aim to give players agency and true ownership.

True Ownership: Each Battlepass is a non-unique NFT (ERC-1155). Players can buy an unlimited amount while available in the Evaverse and then sell them on the market or activate it to unlock the rewards. This enables players to access past Battlepasses that are no longer available in the Evaverse. After buying a Battlepass, players can activate it to start progressing and unlocking rewards. Once activated, a Battlepass can no longer be traded.

Collectability: Each Battlepass will feature a unique visual design. Once activated and fully leveled up, it can be added to the player's Battlepass Collection. Players that collect all Battlepasses from any given year will unlock additional exclusive rewards.

Player Agency: Each Battlepass can be activated by the player whenever they want. This allows players to complete the Battlepass at their own pace.

NFT Levels

Players can level up most of their NFTs by participating in the related game mode. For example, racing in the Hoverboard Racing mode allows players to level up their Hoverboard NFT. Each additional level grants the NFTs more stats, improving performance.

With the release of the Cosmic Cup game mode, the Turtle Troop NFTs will also gain the ability to increase their level and their stats, allowing them to perform better in the Cosmic Cup mode.

Future NFT collections (like the Weapons coming with the Arena Shooter mode) will feature a similar leveling feature.

Evatars have a unique leveling system that directly ties into the earning capacity of the players. Players will spend badges to increase the level of all their Evatars, which collectively increases the rate at which they discover Stars during gameplay. High-level Evatars increase the earning potential for players.

NFT Lending & Evatar Rental

Evaverse players can loan their NFTs to other players using the Scholar System. This feature allows free players to borrow an NFT from other players so they can experience them within the Evaverse. Tickets earned by players with borrowed NFTs are split between the borrower and the original owner of the NFT as defined by the lender.

Eventually, Evatar holders will be able to rent their Evatars out for an $EVA fee. Players renting the Evatar will benefit from all perks related to owning an Evatar while they are renting it. This includes gaining the ability to find additional Stars and increase their $EVA earning potential.

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