Player Land

Land - You Build It, You Own It.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a significant pillar of the player-owned economy. We are building modular systems and assets that we will ultimately hand over to the community so they can create their own content and, if they choose to, sell and monetize their creations to other community members. This takes the form of custom racetracks or game modes hosted on player-owned land, player-created tournaments with entry fees and Token or NFT rewards, and a variety of tradable custom-built assets.

Instanced Personal Land

Evaverse Land enables players to create an instanced personal plot of land. Players can build, decorate, and socialize together on their land. Instancing the personal land means that the system is scalable, and any Evaverse player that wants to own a piece of land can do so.

Attractions / Arenas

Arenas and Attractions are user-generated modes that all players can create. Arenas refer to the level built by players that can be turned into a full-fledged game mode called Attraction.

We are developing an Arena and Attraction editor that allows players to create new levels with their ruleset. These levels are off-chain to start. However, they can be minted onto the blockchain to create an additional revenue stream for the creators.

Once a player has created a new Arena, for example, a new Hoverboard racing track, they can choose to mint it as a unique NFT. Other players can host competitive tournaments within this arena and split proceeds with the land builder.

Support Local Builders

Landowners can stake their land into specific Arenas or Attractions they or other players have created. Staking land this way, players commit to supporting the Arena or Attraction by increasing public visibility and sharing in the potential secondary revenue streams created by that land. While the land is being staked, it cannot be sold. However, it will provide a passive source of income. The income generated from land heavily depends on the popularity of the Arena or Attraction it hosts. In this system, players are rewarded for creating excellent content that attracts the most significant number of users.

Hub Land - Location Matters

Players, Guilds, and large communities will be able to lease a permanent plot of land in a Hub level by spending $EVA and giving their instanced land a permanent location in the Evaverse H.U.B. level. As with all real estate, location matters. The plots of land closer to the Hub will be more valuable as they will be closer to amenities and see more foot traffic. Having your land easily accessible by other players means that any Arena or Attraction players built or staked on their land are more likely to attract players and generate more income.

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