Boredboard Collection

Collaboration between Bored Elon Musk's BoredBox NFT collection and Evaverse Hoverboards.
Boredboard NFTs is a collection of 1,000+ 1/1 unique ERC-721 blazing-fast ridable boards for Bored Box owners. They are a separate collection from Evaverse Hoverboards and differ slightly in that their prestige are all 50/50 Prestige. We worked with Bored Elon Musk to ensure that all boards were a similar quality for each Bored Box holder.
Although they resemble our original hoverboards, they feature colors and materials that are unique to Boredboards such as the Bored Sleek and Bored Matte Base. All were designed to match the Bored Box Genesis collection itself.
Bored Box Genesis

Boredboards Metadata

Properties are unique to this collection except for the Stabilizer. All boards have a 50/50 Prestige level. This allows all players with this board to level up at the same speed based on how many races have been completed. Everything else about the board is the same as the general Hoverboards collection including how to level, and how stats are distributed while leveling.
Example of Boredboards Metadata.

Base - Primary Color

  • Bored Sleek
  • Bored Matte

Capacitor - Back Engine Attachment

  • Bored Generator
  • Bored Balancer
  • Bored Circuit
  • Bored Amplifier

Engine - Drive Type

  • Bored Hyper Drive
  • Bored Fusion Drive

Model - Distinct Visual Design

  • Bored Protos
  • Bored Vulcan
  • Bored Zephyr
  • Bored Viper

Power Core - Power Source and Glow Color

  • Bored Power
  • Bore Power
  • Boring Power

Stabilizer - Front Gliding Attachment

  • Pulse Generator
  • Star Circuit
  • Radial Amplifier
  • Point Balancer

Trim - Accent Color

  • Bored Matte
  • Bored Sleek

Obtaining Boredboards

Boredboards are obtained from opening a Bored Box Genesis collection. Once they are opened, they can be traded on OpenSea just like any other Evaverse NFT collection.
Check out https://boredbox.io/ for more information and future Bored Box collections!
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