Pair Your Wallet

Pairing your wallet to your Evaverse Account

2. Pair your Wallet:

Pairing your wallet to your Evaverse account allows you to access the NFTs you own within the Evaverse game. Players can pair their wallets when signing up for an Evaverse account in the member's website portal.

Sign into your account:

Members Account Area:

Choose a wallet:

Paired wallets can be viewed in the member's profile when logging into the Evaverse website, next to your Tickets and Account Prestige. Once your wallet is paired, click on "View NFTs", to see your NFTs. It may take a few hours after you've paired your wallet for your Evaverse NFTs to show up in-game. However, if you still aren't seeing it after 3 hours, please open up a ticket on our Discord server and someone will help you right away.

Another Way to Pair

While signing up for a new account, you also have an option to enter your Wallet ID and click "Pair".

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