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Exclusive Perks and bragging rights for holding partnership NFTs

Adding 2D NFTs To Your Account

The Evaverse settings menu has 2D NFTs, which is accessed through the Stickers Panel of your Loadouts Menu. Here you will insert Opensea URLs to any 2D NFT collection you own. The game server will verify your wallet as the genuine owner and unlock exclusive partnership perks and rewards in the Evaverse game.
Click "Add Sticker" to Copy/Paste an Opensea URL of a NFT you own.

Exclusive Player Avatars

SuperYeti - Guardians of the Metaverse - Pluto Alliance - The Alien Boy - Doge Pound Studios - CyberKongz VX
Owning 2D NFT from any of these partner communities will unlock an exclusive character skin to use as your Evaverse Avatar.

Displaying your 2D NFTs

Once a 2D NFT is added to your account, you can display them above your head using the stamp NFT hotkey, "C". Alternatively, you can place them on the billboards throughout the Evaverse world by riding up to a billboard and pressing "E" to interact.
Press C to Stamp.
Billboard activation station.
Your NFT will remain until replaced or the server is reset.