EVA Loot

In-game Loot Rewards Received from Holiday Events and Airdrops to Players


Evaversary is a yearly event celebrating the launch of Evaverse! Eva, being the fun-loving and celebratory SATVA, loves any and all reasons to celebrate, especially the day she first set up a play space for her beloved beings.

All Hallow's Eva

All Hallow's Eva is one of Eva's favorite holidays. She found bits and pieces of information on it in her annals of history, and found its whimsical nature and juxtaposition against what humans typically find "fun" to be fascinating. She decided to revive it in Evaverse as an ancient holiday, a historical oddity.

Winter Wonderland

Eva loves to give and see joy on people's faces. It's no wonder winter time, being the harsh environment it can be on ancient Earth, would be the perfect time to celebrate and bring merriment to all!

More to come!

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