Game Modes

The Evaverse is creating a digital wonderland of games set in an Oasis-like world from Ready Player One that invites avatars from all over the NFT ecosystem. The goal is to build the most fun and engaging way to play and earn in games together. Each game focuses on offering a unique play experience that will onboard players into the world of play-and-earn.

The modular nature of the Eva Games allows players to mix & match game mechanics to create their own set of rules for playing. Players will build their arenas and dictate which games will be played competitively within the Evaverse. Want to compete in laser tag while racing on hoverboards? No problem.

Current and Upcoming EVA Games

The EVA games offer ever-expanding gameplay and fully designed game loops that allow players to play and earn in their favorite ways. Players can choose the games they love playing the most and earn cryptocurrency tokens from games they love to play.

  • Current Games

    • Hoverboard Racing

    • Treasure Hunting

  • Upcoming Games

    • Cosmic Cup

    • Arena Shooter

Game-Based NFT Collections

The Evaverse game is a platform for immersive NFT collections that bring an ever-increasing value to the EVA community. Each Evaverse game will utilize a base NFT collection for utility and design mechanics. As EVA Games become increasingly robust and competitive, they will ultimately integrate into the Play-to-Earn token economy of the Evaverse world.

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