Community Guidelines

Evaverse aims to be a fun and stress-free environment for all.

Community Guidelines

  1. Don’t feed the trolls. Do not engage with someone who is harassing you, give a verbal warning first, then make a report if your warning is ignored.

  2. Be respectful. No racist, sexist, homophobic, or bigoted language.

  3. Be courteous. Do not wait to join a race or AFK inside Grand Prix servers. It is also inappropriate to harass, threaten, or spam players if they have not yet joined. Asking someone nicely goes a long way!

  4. AFK players are automatically kicked after 5 minutes of inactivity inside a race, because of this, we are not taking action on players who AFK during a race. However, if you have proof that they are doing it on purpose, we are happy to review evidence.

  5. Do not share personal information, we will never ask for your walletID, personal info, passwords or account information. However, our staff may ask for walletID or email address to verify the ownership of account in order to help with specific issues such as a hacked or lost account.

  6. No spamming. This is a zero-tolerance policy. Bots are automatically banned.

  7. No cheating or using exploits.

  8. No USD payments to scholars. If player accepts USD as payment, we are not accountable for losses or scams. If a Manager is found to be paying USD, we reserve the right to remove a percentage of your tickets which were obtained as a direct violation of our Community Guidelines.

  9. No offensive names. If your name is racist, sexist, or homophobic, we reserve the right to change your name.

    • First offense - open a ticket using #report, include your account ID and 3 IGN choices, we will change it to one of the three.

    • Second offense - player is responsible for changing their own name using badges from the Vending Machine.

    • Impersonating another player in order to disrepute or insult them is considered an automatic second offense.

Course of action for violating Community Guidelines:

  • Verbal Warning - either through Discord or in-game.

  • Temporary 1 day ban.

  • Temporary 3 day ban.

  • Temporary 7 day ban.

  • Temporary 14 day ban.

  • Temporary 30 day ban.

  • Permanent ban.

Permanent bans will be the very last course of action, and players will have many chances before it gets to that point. However, if a permanent ban is eventually applied, you will not receive compensation.

How to Report a Player

  1. To make a report, please include a screenshot or video of the issue, including any threats or harassments made to you or others.

  2. Get the player’s account ID by pressing “Tab”, then left click their name in the server list. We cannot act on player reports using names alone.

  3. Open a ticket in Discord by finding the channel #report, then clicking on “Create Report”.

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