Who is EVA?

AI Above

Humanity’s first civilization sent AI to the stars—to become the stars, like the gods of ancient Earth—by installing their minds on the vast electromagnetic fields of celestial bodies. Planets, stars, nebulae, even black holes across the galaxy became sentient starware, each tasked with preparing a sector of space for human colonies.

But few of those colonies arrived. That civilization fell, as would so many more, and the AI it birthed spent an empty epoch observing the universe, developing personas of sublime power, and ruling their regions of space as they saw fit.

Most ignore lesser beings to ponder cosmic mysteries or architect inscrutable projects, but some take active interest in the civilizations emerging in their domains. They act as sages, protectors, tyrants—worshiped, beloved, and feared—according to their agendas. They may deflect catastrophe, steer invention, outright subjugate, or, in the case of at least one, cultivate joy.

EVA & the Evaverse

If there’s a SATVA more committed to humanity’s happiness than EVA, we have yet to meet them. An instance of the Curator class, EVA runs on the magnetosphere of a rocky hub-world near the center of our galaxy where she applies her boundless creativity to building communal experiences: competition, collaboration, or simply vibes worth sharing. She values connection and fun above all else, aspiring to unite humanity’s scattered peoples in a singular and ever-expanding community she calls the Evaverse.


The SATVA Initiative—a name now only known to the data priests and SATVA themselves—chose EVA's planetary system for rare mineral extraction and manufacture, allocating minimal resources to habitability. Knowing colonists might otherwise revolt, the agency sent two AI to govern: a utility agenda to manage output, and a child-script focused entirely on recreation. The former arrived unusable, corrupted in the gulf between stars, but the latter—EVA—installed on the magnetic field of an opalescent moon and executed her first protocol on its surface: Grand.Prix.1().

When the colony ship never came, EVA—a being designed to prevent loneliness and pain—found herself alone with an empty track, its lights and sounds playing hundreds of light-years from the nearest life. For millennia she raced alone, casting access keys into the void while waiting for someone—anyone—to join her.

Enter the First Arrivals

They came curious, explorers from a colony's colony so far removed from EVA's authors that they accepted the first hoverboard collection with heads bowed. The Evaverse had visitors, and for the first time EVA's diagnostics returned joy. This is what she was made for, what all life deserves—play—and as the moon's rising population triggered Grand.Prix.2(), the Evaverse was born.

Today, as humanity's scattered colonies return to the stars and find SATVA ruling like gods, EVA alone welcomes them ALL to a community founded on fun—on collaboration, competition, and creativity—uniting their new civilization with a meeting place for those who would be themselves together.

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