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Battlebound Team

Built by AAA Game Developers
Battlebound was founded by AAA veterans who helped create multiple genre-defining games such as Riot Games' "League of Legends" and "Teamfight Tactics," ArenaNet's "Guild Wars," Blizzard's "Overwatch 2" and Rovio's "Angry Birds."
Games the Battlebound team have previously helped build
Tony Tang
Art Lead
Chris Rose
Production Lead
Mayu Polo Wieja
Design Lead
John Moses
Engineering Lead
The team's prolific Web2 gaming pedigree and experience have contributed significantly to how we build value for our community through gameplay and ownership. After our initial avatar mint was sold, everything we have dropped has been free for our players. We aim to create life-long relationships with our players with meaningful agency and ownership over the time invested in playing games they love.
Additionally, all our games are built for NFT and non-NFT players alike. We believe blockchain ownership technology enhances an already fun gaming experience; all players should be able to access the gameplay without a financial barrier to entry.

What is Battlebound's mission?

Battlebound is on a mission to create world-class games that empower players with ownership and agency over the time spent playing games they love. Battlebound aims to revolutionize how developers and players share in the rewards of the games they play a pivotal role in building.
What is Battlebound's vision?
Our vision is to create incredible 10,000-hour games that players will enjoy for decades. We believe Web3 empowers developers and creators to engage with players more meaningfully by sharing value and creating opportunities for ownership.
Battlebound Support Team:
Backed by industry leaders across traditional and web3 gaming sectors, Battlebound aims to revolutionize how players share the value generated from playing games they love.
Lead Investor
Play Ventures
Play Ventures
Dapper Labs
Dapper Labs
Ryan Wyatt
Angel Investor
CEO, Polygon Studios
Roham Gharegozlou
Angel Investor
CEO, Dapper Labs
Kristian Segerstrale
Angel Investor
CEO, Super Evil Megacorp
Gabby Dizon
Angel Investor
CEO, Yield Guild Games
Thomas Vu
Angel Investor
Executive Producer, Arcane
Kenny Carvalho
Angel Investor
Game Industry Veteran
Matt Jobbe Duval
Head of Financial Products, Dapper Lab