Proof of Play

Evaverse Off-Chain Currencies

Off-Chain Currencies Overview

  • Playing Evaverse Game Modes

  • Loaning out NFTs to Scholars

  • B.E.S.T. Machine

  • As payment for renting out owned Evatars

  • S.N.A.X. Machine in exchange for Consumables

  • Guild Research

  • Leveling Up NFTs

  • Renting Evatars

  • Purchase certain event and cosmetic items

  • Earn $EVA

Account Level

As part of our free player progression features, we will introduce an Account Level, a way for players to track how much they have accomplished within the Evaverse. A player's account level is uncapped and will stay with them for as long as they are a part of the Evaverse.

The account level will be much more than Evaverse bragging rights. It will also tie into how players discover Stars and unlock key gameplay benefits at specific levels. The only way to increase your account level is by being active within the Evaverse.


Tickets are Evaverse's most common currency and represent time spent playing the game, also known as "Proof-of-Play". Players earn Tickets by playing any of the games available within the Evaverse, including Hoverboarding, Cosmic Cup racing, and new games like Arena Shooter, which is in early development. Tickets cannot be exchanged, traded, or sold within the game.

Players can convert their Tickets into Badges using the Badge Exchange Service Terminal (B.E.S.T.) Machine. Badges will be used at the Synthetic Neural Augmentation Exchange (S.N.A.X.) Machine to purchase consumable items that provide upgrades like rerolling Hoverboard stats, experience bonuses, recharging Turtle Troop's stamina, or changing one's account name.

Badges - B.E.S.T.

Players can take their Tickets to one of the Badge Exchange Service Terminals (B.E.S.T.) found in the E.V.A. Hub and exchange them for Badges, our second off-chain currency. Each spin on the B.E.S.T. will reward players with a random assortment of Badges. Badges come in three rarities (from most common to rarest): Arrival, Zenith, and Celestial. B.E.S.T. has an added element of luck to the Tickets to Badges conversion, which will be used in the S.N.A.X. Machine to purchase content. However, chance is only sometimes on our side, so we've built a guaranteed system so every player can hit the Jackpot eventually. The higher a player's Account Prestige (the highest Prestige Stat among their owned NFTs), the fewer the spins needed to hit the Jackpot.


Once Stars are introduced to the Evaverse, they will serve as the vehicle for earning the $EVA token. All players can compete in weekly tournaments and earn Stars depending on how well they perform. In addition, Evatar holders (or free players with a rented Evatar) will discover Stars at their own pace and without needing to participate in competitive tournaments by completing Daily and Weekly quests, and finding Stars by participating in all the game modes the Evaverse has to offer.

Star Earning Loop - Evatar Holders

All Evatar holders will benefit from leveling up Evatars in their collection. A person's cumulative total of Evatar levels will grant them better chances of discovering Stars. This system enables Evatar holders to gain additional Stars throughout the week, increasing their personal $EVA payouts. At the same time, more Stars allow the community to reach higher Star Milestones to unlock more significant payouts for all players.

The chance to find additional Stars begins at 0% and increases based on the player's Account Level, Account Prestige, and the levels of all Evatars they own. Since First Arrivals are the genesis avatar collection for the Evaverse, their ranks hold more weight than future Evatars.

Star Earning Loop - All Players

Free players (as well as Evatar holders) can discover Stars within the compete-to-own model. Every week all players will be able to compete in several unique tournaments. Based on a player's performance, they will discover several Stars, which can be converted into $EVA.

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