Interoperable Future

Building an interoperable future

Battlebound's Metaverse

At Battlebound, our vision is to create incredible 10,000-hour games that players will enjoy for decades. These world-class gaming experiences will stand independently, but will also be deeply integrated into the Evaverse. Players will earn exclusive rewards for all Battlebound's future titles.

Project A

Project A is a brand new IP in development focused on deep immersion and onboarding new players into the world of play-to-earn. Project A innovates on traditional creature-collecting gameplay by blending competitive multiplayer combat with social progression and adventure. Project A offers players a more curated gaming experience with unique interoperability opportunities between all of Battlebound’s titles.

All Battlebound players will benefit from early participation in our ecosystem through airdrops, NFT rewards, and early access to games. We highly value our community and aim to create long-term value for all our NFT holders. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and developments of Project A.

Ready Player Us

The Evaverse embraces the open ethos of Web3 by creating a world that invites all communities to play, compete, and integrate their I.P. into a relaxed, fun, and immersive gaming platform. We're decentralizing competitive play and creating tools to empower communities to build within the Evaverse and leverage their brand and I.P. to engage their community through fun gaming competitions.

We have strategic partnerships with communities like Cyberkongz, BoredBox, DogePound, SuperYeti, Alien Boy, and others that grant additional utility to owners of those NFT collections.

If your community is interested in integration or collaboration within the Evaverse, please fill out this application form:

Partnership Application Form

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