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Turtle Troops

The loyalist companions in the Evaverse

Evaverse Turtle Troops

EVAVERSE Turtle Troop are a collection of 5,000 1/1 unique ERC-721 set of beautifully animated 3D companion avatars for the EVAVERSE video game. Each avatar is created from up to 85 possible unique traits, creating 15,000 total unique variations possible. Certain Turtle Troops will possess scarce characteristics. Each NFT is a rigged and animated companion game character inside the Evaverse video game.
Turtle Troops will play a vital role in the upcoming Turtle Racing game within the Evaverse. Players will be able to race their Turtle Troops against each other, while spectators will be able to bet on the outcome of the matches.
Evaverse Turtle Troops

Purchasing Turtle Troops

Evaverse Turtle Troop - Collection | OpenSea
Turtle Troops can be purchased from Opensea at the link above

Turtle Troop Metadata

Properties metadata dictate the visual appearance of each Turtle Troop game character. Each property metadata is shared across all NFT game characters. Levels show the character's Prestige, which indicates its overall rarity in the collection.