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Gen 1 Hoverboards

The First Ever Evaverse Hoverboards
Our first Evaverse Hoverboard NFTs are a collection of 10,000+ 1/1 unique ERC-721 blazing-fast ridable boards for all members of the Evaverse. They include a multitude of unique properties that make them stand out against our other boards. The following lists all possible variations of properties.
First Generation Hoverboards of Varying Properties

Base - Primary Top Color

White Alloy
Chill Fade
Fun Line
Orange Alloy
Royal Fade
Royal Line
Green Alloy
Water Fade
Nature Line
Aqua Alloy
Cyborg Fade
Night Line
Red Alloy
Nature Fade
Water Line
Black Alloy
Fire Fade
Cyborg Line
Rose Fade
Chill Line
Cool Fade
Fire Line
Night Fade
Rose Line
Fun Fade

Trim - Accent Color

Aqua Alloy
Orange Alloy
Green Alloy
Black Alloy
Red Alloy
White Alloy

Power Core - Power Source and Glow

Orange Alloy
Rapid Bright
Water Galaxy
Aqua Alloy
Rapid Chill
Light Galaxy
Black Alloy
Rapid Nature
Nature Galaxy
White Alloy
Rapid Fun
Fire Galaxy
Red Alloy
Rapid Royal
Rose Galaxy
Green Alloy
Rapid Cyborg
Royal Galaxy
Rapid Rose
Rapid Cool
Rapid Fire

Capacitor - Back Engine Attachment

Pulse Generator
Star Circuit
Point Balancer
Radial Amplifier

Stabilizer - Front Glide Attachment

Pulse Generator
Star Circuit
Point Balancer
Radial Amplifier

Model - Distinct Visual Design

Galactic Vulcan
Galactic Viper
Galactic Protos
Galactic Zephyr

Rarity - Rarity Class

These three rarity classes correspond with our First Arrivals Evaverse NFTs.
  • Arrival
  • Zenith
  • Celestial
You can purchase from our First Gen Hoverboards Collection here.