Mini-Games Panel

Smaller scoped games to play in the Evaverse

Players can access mini-games within the Evaverse through the mini-game panel. This collection of games represents a smaller lightweight gaming experience players can opt into at any point during gameplay. This collection will be expanded upon and built into more competitive game mechanics as the world of the Evaverse expands.

  • Bowling- Creates a physics-driven bowling ball to interact with.

  • Level Editor - Building blocks for creating custom mini-game arenas*

  • Low Gravity- Reduces simulated player gravity.

  • Railgun- Creates a railgun particle that can be used to shoot and freeze other players.

  • Soccer Ball - Creates a physics-driven soccer ball to interact with.

  • Stepping Stones - Creates a platform under the player after pressing the right mouse button.

  • Tag, You're It - Creates a particle that increases the movement speed of the player that is it

*The Level Editor feature is currently in development and is unavailable to all players.

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