Team Guilds

Better Together

Evaverse Guilds

Guilds will play a crucial role in the Evaverse. They will form the core of the social structure in our Metaverse. Players who are part of a guild will enjoy the social rewards that come with belonging to a group of like-minded people and will also benefit from a range of perks funneled through the Guild Research system. In addition, we will build an integrated set of guild management tools that will make it much easier for Guild Leaders and Officers to manage NFT lending, Guild Donations, member activity, and more.

Guild Research

Guilds can research new technologies that will unlock benefits for all guild members. Most technologies will have several upgrade levels, costing badges to unlock and level-up technologies. Guilds will be able to collect Badge donations from members to fund this research.

Example Research:

  • Increase maximum member limit

  • Increase Guild Vault size

  • Increase Mini-Game rewards

  • Increased B.E.S.T. Machine Jackpots

  • Guild Tournament Hosting

  • Unlock Guild-Exclusive NFTs

  • Increased Account Experience gain

  • Increase Ticket rewards

Guild Vault

This feature aims to make it easier for guild members to loan and borrow NFTs from other guild members. Players with NFTs can place them in the Guild Vault so other members can borrow them. We will provide a set of permission rules so that players can specify what type of member can borrow their NFT.

Guild Donations

Guild members will be able to donate Badges to the Guild. These Badges will be collected by the Guild and will not go into a particular guild member's account. The Guild Leadership can use donated badges to unlock and improve technologies.

Guild members can also donate $EVA or NFTs to the Guild. These resources can then be used as prizes for Tournaments hosted by the Guild. $EVA and NFTs contributed this way will be kept in escrow until they can be distributed to winners of a Guild Tournament.

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