First Arrivals

A platform for utility collections and ever increasing value and for the EVA community.

EVAVERSE First Arrivals

Evaverse First Arrivals NFT Collection is a 10,000 1/1 unique ERC-721 set of beautifully animated 3D avatars. Each avatar is created from up to 19 unique traits, producing 430 million unique variations. Specific avatars will possess scarce characteristics. Each NFT is a rigged and animated playable character inside the Evaverse video game.
First Arrivals hold the key to the upcoming Play-To-Earn token economy. They currently represent ownership in the Evaverse ecosystem and will forever have genesis rights as the original avatars for the Evaverse game.
As the community and game scale up, there will be an additional need for more ownership avatars. Second Arrivals will be a future NFT offering to support the growing Evaverse player community and economy.
Evaverse First Arrivals

Purchasing First Arrivals

Evaverse - Collection | OpenSea
First Arrivals can be purchased from Opensea at the link above:

First Arrivals Metadata

First Arrivals Metadata on Opensea
Properties metadata is shared across all First Arrival characters and dictates the visual appearance of each game avatar. First Arrival Prestige Levels indicates overall rarity in the collection. Boosts show unique character identifiers only available for that specific type of NFT character model.

First Arrival PFPs

Generative PFPs of all First Arrivals can be downloaded from a link in the description on Opensea.