Scholarship Program

Secure and Instant NFT Lending Program for Everyone

Play + Earn Together

The Evaverse scholarship program brings official support for managers and scholars to participate in our off-chain ticket earning system. Managers can securely and safely grant the temporary use of their NFTs to anyone in-game with the click of a button. The custody of the NFT remains with the manager’s wallet, and the transaction happens off-chain, so it is 100% safe and secure for all participants. The manager can revoke access to the NFT at any time. Any Evaverse NFT collection can be loaned, but ONLY First Arrivals NFTs are able to share ticket earnings. Once managers authorize scholars to use their NFTs, tickets will automatically be shared according to the split set by managers. Every time scholars collect tickets in-game, their portion of tickets will be displayed in the UI.

Lending NFTs

  1. Log into your Evaverse Account

2. Click "Lend NFTs"

3. Select NFT you'd like to load, enter the Borrower's Account ID (found on member's page), and select the split %. The minimum sharing is 50% for scholars as we want to honor our scholars' time and efforts they spend playing. Click "Loan Token" when ready.

4. NFTs will be automatically added to your loadouts panel in-game and are highlighted with a yellow outline. They will also show a percentage of earnings associated with that NFT. Again, only First Arrivals are able to split ticket earnings.

Tickets are automatically split during gameplay. Managers are able to recall their items at any time. You can add additional IDs for splitting tickets, but the total split must always equal 100%.

Looking for a Scholar or Manager

The best way to search for a scholar or manager is to join our Discord Community and find the #scholar-ads channel. If you have questions, please visit the #ask-staff channel for support. Don't forget to verify your account once you've joined so we can keep our server scam and bot free.

Scholarship Roadmap

This is still an early implementation of the complete scholarship system planned for the Evaverse. We will continue to evolve this mechanism and support the growth of new players into the ecosystem as the Evaverse aims to be the most fun and immersive way to play and earn with friends!

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