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Festive Holidays NFTs earned from the Wonderland 2021 Event
Evaverse Wonderland was the very first-holiday event within the Evaverse video game. All players were invited to participate in the event by creating a free Steam and Evaverse account and downloading the game. Please see the getting started guide for download instructions.
Wonderland 2021 Trailer
The holiday event introduced a brand new play-to-earn ticket system that rewarded all players with seasonal tickets for participating in the game. Once 500 Wonderland Tickets were acquired, a random NFT from the holiday collection is automatically airdropped to players from the Wonderland Gear Collection on Polygon Network.
Wonderland Gear Collection on Opensea
The Evaverse Wonderland Gear NFT Collection consists of 1,000 unique 1/1 wearable holiday gear for Evaverse game avatars. The collection consists of Snowflakes, Candy Canes, Gingerbread Men, and Halos.
Players earned Wonderland Tickets by finding treasure scattered throughout the Evaverse world, participating in hoverboard races, and leveling up hoverboard NFTs. Evaverse Wonderland is FREE for all players. No NFTs are required to participate, and everyone is invited to race on the free hoverboard provided to players in-game.