Second Arrivals

We are extremely excited about the release of the Evaverse: Second Arrivals NFT collection, our next collection of playable avatars. First, let’s dive into the lore!

Two Factions: The Fight For Ascension

The avatars that comprise our Second Arrivals collection originate from the planet of Dysprevia. Tidally locked to its sun, one side is permanently scorched by sunlight, while the other remains in perpetual darkness. The only areas that produce life in abundance are the zones close to the Prime Meridian, a belt filled with life that wraps around the entire planet. This resource-rich zone has been contested by two factions in a never-ending war referred to as the War of Ascension. The Losians inhabit the side of the planet battered by the sun, while the Skotians inhabit its frost-covered dark side.
Two elements have helped the inhabitants of Dysprevia survive its harsh conditions: technology and spirituality. They are close to their gods and as such, have created a clear hierarchy based on your Path of Ascension. Elektros, the Losian’s God of electricity, sits atop their pantheon. Losians chosen by Elektros become appointed leaders of this faction.
EVA took interest in the conflict raging on Dysprevia. In her infinite wisdom, EVA manifested a perfect solution.
We will share more details about EVA’s involvement in the future, so stay tuned.
Male and Female Losian Concepts (Elektros Ascendancy)

The Road to Ascension

We will release the Second Arrivals in waves. Each wave consists of several thousand unique NFT playable avatars from one Faction and one Ascendancy. The first wave will be the Elektros Ascendancy from the Losian faction. The visuals feature a combination of “techwear” and spiritual elements that tie into the specific Ascendancy.
We previously mentioned that we aim to create engaging and fun experiences that tie to the NFT releases. So with that in mind, we have a whole set of events planned around this release that we are calling The Road to Ascension.
At its core lies the Map NFT. This is a special 2D NFT that we will airdrop to First Arrival holders and everyone who qualified via the Gleam contest that we held a few weeks ago. The map can be purchased and sold like any other NFT on Opensea.
Players who own the Map NFT will level it up using Badges that players obtain by exchanging tickets at the B.E.S.T. Machine. Each week, there will be a max limit to how much players can level up in order to encourage engagement throughout the duration of this epic event, culminating in the release of the Second Arrivals NFT collection.

Power to the Players

The Battlebound Map NFT
Map NFT holders will vote on which gods belong to each faction, helping shape the unique visual identity for all subsequent Second Arrivals NFT launches. However, Elektros and Hadion are already set as the leaders of the Losian and Skotian pantheons respectively. Avatars from these two Ascendancies encompass Wave 1 (Elektros) and Wave 2 (Hadion).
Votes are linked to owning a Map NFT at the required level. The level requirement to complete activities increases by each phase. Our vision is to create meaningful community engagement throughout the event and offer players in-game utility for their badges.
First Arrival holders will get two votes, one for being a First Arrival holder, and one for having the weekly max level Map NFT.
All others with a Map NFT at the weekly level cap will have one vote.


But wait, there’s more! Regular concept art NFT drops will be distributed to all people that hold a Map NFT of the required level. Concept art drops will feature Second Arrivals avatars, however if you keep your Map NFT leveled up you may obtain highly rare collectible concept art drops from Project A!


The Road to Ascension will give Whitelist slots for each of the Second Arrivals waves. In order to qualify for the Whitelist of each wave, players need a Map NFT of the required level. The level requirements will increase over the course of the event, so make sure to stay on top of your map leveling. Upon completion, players will also be able to earn a Whitelist for Project A.

First Arrival Benefits

  • First Arrival holders will get an additional vote in determining which Ascendancies belong to which faction’s pantheon
  • Guaranteed Project A whitelist spot with no map required.
  • Ability to get a free Second Arrival through an airdrop of the “Ascension Chamber”. This NFT allows First Arrival holders to create a Second Arrivals NFT once all waves are completed and the full earning economy is launched.
Please enjoy and participate in this epic journey and we thank you again for your support of Evaverse!