EVA Games

Compete-to-Own with Friends

Regular tournaments will be hosted throughout the Evaverse to let all players compete, solo or with friends, to earn Stars, NFTs and Tokens. Tournaments within the Evaverse are open to all players and communities who wish to create one. The competitive game modes of the Evaverse are a foundation anyone can use to engage their community with rewards, tokens, and in-game assets.

Evaverse will employ a series of skill-based game modes that create high-stakes gameplay. There are three basic formats: Eva Trials, Galaxy Brawl, and Championship Draw.

The final contest rules and eligibility requirements may vary based on jurisdiction and regional law requirements applied to games of skill.

Eva Trials

Players can enter Eva Trials skill-based gameplay tournaments for free. Prizes will be distributed to the winners based on the discretion of Battlebound and the rules used in the promotion before the tournament.

Galaxy Brawl

Players can enter the Galaxy Brawl by paying in-game currency called Badges, paying in tokens, purchasing or owning NFTs from one of Battlebound’s NFT collections, or acquiring NFTs on the secondary market. The entrance rules will be determined by Battlebound and used in promotional material before the Brawl starts.

Champions Draw

As players compete in skill-based games throughout the Evaverse, they will be awarded a social currency called Championship Points (CP) based on their skill. CP will be earned by placing on the daily and weekly leaderboards.

The total amount of CP earned by players is capped each week. Each point counts as an entry into the Champions draw. The points players earn accumulate week after week during the promotional draw period. Multiple winners will be declared throughout the promotion. When a winner is declared, the specific player’s points are reset, and the prize is awarded.

Players who did not win the Champions Draw will retain their points, making it more likely they will win the next time. The number of winners chosen will vary based on how many points are accumulated over the monthly draw period. As more players enter, more prizes will be awarded.

At the beginning of each month, the competition resets and Championship points are set back to zero.

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