Hoverboard Racing

How to begin racing within the Evaverse!

These are instructions for successfully buying and racing Hoverboard NFTs inside the Evaverse game. To create an Evaverse account and pair your wallet, please see the Playing Evaverse guide page.

1. Buy a Hoverboard NFT

Although anyone may play the Evaverse for free using the free hoverboard, you must own a Hoverboard NFT to level up and gain experience for the board. Hoverboard NFTs are a unique collection of over 10K Hoverboards airdropped to Evaverse holders. For more information on Hoverboards, please see this Hoverboards page.

Players may purchase Hoverboard NFTs through the Hoverboard Opensea Collection page. Once players pair their wallets, the Hoverboard NFTs will automatically appear in the Evaverse game. For more detailed instructions on purchasing Hoverboards, please view the instructions post.

2. Racing your Hoverboard

Once inside the Evaverse game, players can access their Hoverboards through the "Gear" UI loadout menu. Selecting a hoverboard here will mount the player onto the board. Players may toggle the hoverboard on/off using the default hoverboard hotkey "V."

Races within the Evaverse are started from the Race Panel located within the Evaverse world. Every player is given a 30-second window to join the race during the invite period. Players may join the race by visiting the race panel or typing “/join” in the chat. Once all players have joined the race, it begins automatically!

3. Winning the EVA Grand Prix

Racing is a game of skill! Players who joined the race are teleported to the start. After a short delay, a countdown begins, and the race commences. Players must navigate the race while avoiding obstacles and hitting every yellow checkpoint game in order. Upon finishing, they are awarded experience for their hoverboard based on their performance.

The more players in the race and the better ranking you finish with provide large bonus experience rewards. Players should race with as many friends as possible to maximize hoverboard XP!

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