Coinbase Wallet Guide

This guide shows how to import your Metamask wallet to a Coinbase wallet, and how to link your Coinbase wallet to your Evaverse account.

Import your Metamask Wallet to Coinbase Wallet

  1. Go to and download the Coinbase Wallet Extension.

2. Open your Metamask extension and go to Settings

3. Go to ‘Security and Privacy’ > Select ‘Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase’ > Enter your Metamask password

4. Copy to clipboard your Secret Recovery Phrase

5. Open the Coinbase Wallet extension in your browser and select ‘I already have a wallet’

6. Select ‘Enter recovery phrase’ and enter the phrase that you copied down on Step 4

7. Set up your new username and password, and that’s it!

Connecting your Coinbase Wallet

These steps are similar to the steps in the Pair Your Wallet guide, except you will need to download the Chrome Coinbase Wallet

  1. Go to and download the Coinbase Wallet Extension if you have not already done so from the previous steps.

2. Go to and login to you account.

3. Click "Connect Wallet" and follow the instructions that will pop up from your extension.

**Note, if you already have a wallet linked, connecting a new wallet will simply override the existing one.

If you are still having issues, please submit a ticket in the #ask-staff channel of our Discord.

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