Competitive NFT Racing on Hoverboards

Hoverboard Races

Each hoverboard owned can be raced inside the Evaverse game on Steam. Purchasing a hoverboard on Opensea will grant you access to ride the board in Eva Grand Prix against other players. All players can participate in races using a free hoverboard provided to all players who choose to join a race. The free hoverboard will have limited earning capacity and fewer competitive advantages than NFT Hoverboards.

Racing Hoverboards

Players that complete a race are granted XP for your board. Additional Bonus XP is awarded for winning races in the top places while competing against other players. Higher prestige boards give bonus experience and level up faster than lower prestige boards. The more people you play with, the more XP you gain per race.

To begin racing your board, download the Evaverse game for free on Steam!

Each Hoverboard NFT has a unique stat profile that dictates its performance while riding. Racing more will level up the board and create a more competitive advantage while racing. For more information about hoverboards, please see the Hoverboard NFT page.


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