Collectible Assets

The Evaverse is an immersive utility platform for an expansive world of NFT Collections

Brand new NFT collections will be introduced as the world of the Evaverse expands. Each new NFT collection will create additional value and utility for community members. Tradeable NFTs will underpin the entire game economy, allowing players the freedom to own and trade the collectible assets they earn.

The priority for introducing new NFT collections is to reward current holders of Evaverse NFTs while introducing new utility and growth into the ecosystem.

NFT Collections

The Evaverse has several NFT collections with concrete utility: First Arrivals Evatars, Hoverboards, and Turtle Troops. In addition, the Evaverse features two collections with cosmetic NFTs: Wonderland and EVA Loot.

Playing the Evaverse will never require the purchase of an NFT. Still, we want to provide additional utility and functionality to players supporting Battlebound by purchasing and holding on to their NFTs. Here is an overview of the utility currently available.

NFT CollectionUtility

First Arrival Evatars

Earn $EVA by discovering Stars


Reroll the stats on Hoverboard NFT

Turtle Troops

Earn passive Pet Experience and Tickets while offline

Prestige Levels

Each Evaverse NFT has a built-in rarity value called Prestige. This value ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the rarest NFT of the collection. Prestige will play a vital role in the utility of the NFT as the Play-to-Earn economy is released. These advantages will focus on utility as opposed to power.

Eventually, every NFT will have a fair and balanced chance to compete against other NFTs. We believe in providing a fair and balanced competitive landscape for everyone. The Evaverse game is not a Pay-to-Win platform.

Current Evaverse NFT Collections

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