S.N.A.X. Machine

World-Class Cosmetics

The S.N.A.X. (Synthetic Neural Augment X-Change) Machine is the Evaverse in-game shop players are used to seeing in traditional free-to-play games. Here players can purchase cosmetics, upgrades, consumables, and rare items on and off the blockchain using either FIAT currency or the $EVA token.
Below you can find a list of consumables planned to be sold for Badges in the S.N.A.X. machine. We will add additional items to the in-game shop in the future.
Reroll Hoverboard Stats
Q4 2022
Reroll the stats of a Hoverboard NFT to get a different spread
Account Name Change
Q4 2022
Change the name for your Account
Account XP Boost
Q1 2023
Gain a temporary boost to Account Experience gain
Hoverboard XP Boost
Q1 2023
Gain a temporary boost to Hoverboard Racing Experience gain
Cosmic Cup XP Boost
Q1 2023
Gain a temporary boost to Cosmic Cup Experience gain
Play as Pet
Q1 2023
Temporarily change your Evatar appearance to one of your Pet NFTs
Pet Stamina Refill
Refills the Stamina of one of the player’s NFT Pets
Second Arrival Evatars
A collection on unique one-to-one NFT Evatars
Second Pet Collection
A new collection of unique Pet NFTs
Exclusive Hoverboard NFTs
New rare and exclusive Hoverboard NFTs to race with

Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic and wearable items enable players to show off their style without functional gameplay impact. They are meant to give players options to personalize how their assets look in-game. In line with our philosophy of providing a core traditional free-to-play experience, some cosmetic items will live outside the blockchain until players choose to mint them at their convenience.