The fastest way to race around the Evaverse.

Hoverboard NFT Collection

Evaverse Hoverboards allow players to race in the ultra-competitive EVA Grand Prix racetrack. Winning races in the Evaverse will level up the board increases its stats and future earning potential in the upcoming Play-to-Earn token economy. Hoverboards start with unique stats, including Max Speed, Acceleration, and Handling. Purchasing a Hoverboard grants players immediate access to use in the Evaverse game.
Evaverse Hoverboard NFTs
Boredboards Collection

Hoverboard Metadata

Example of First Generation Hoverboard Metadata
Properties Hoverboard Metadata is separated into 3 different categories. The Properties section contains the visual components and percentages for each hoverboard trait.
  • Base: The primary color of the top of the board
  • Trim: The accent color of the board
  • Power Core: The power source and glow of the board
  • Capacitor: The engine attachment at the back of the board
  • Stabilizer: The front gliding component of the board
  • Model: The distinct visual design typer of board
  • Rarity: The rarity class of board (Arrival, Zenith, Celestial)
  • Level: The in-game experience level of the board
Levels The Levels metadata of the board show the hoverboards Prestige and current XP levels. Higher prestige NFTs will have stronger earning potential in the upcoming Evaverse Play-to-Earn economy.
  • Prestige: How rare the board is from 0–100 scale
  • XP: How much total XP the board has from 0–10,000 at max level
Boosts Boosts show the current stat makeup of the hoverboard. Stats are split between three different categories and affect the game mechanics during riding and racing. Each time a board levels up it will randomly be given 15 additional stats split amongst these 3 categories.
  • Acceleration: How quickly a board speeds up when riding
  • Handling: How tightly the board can make turns while moving
  • Top Speed: The maximum speed the board can achieve