Welcome to the Evaverse

EVAVERSE Whitepaper v02 - Subject to Development Changes

Evaverse Vision

The Evaverse is Battlebound's immersive and social gaming platform that combines best-in-genre competitive gameplay with empowered player ownership in order for gamers, NFT collectors, and friends to socialize, play, and compete.
Historically, passionate gaming communities invest their time and resources into their favorite games, but receive little value or ownership in return for their efforts in furthering the ecosystem. Blockchain technology enhances gaming experiences and creates meaningful engagement through player empowerment and digital ownership. Our vision is to combine competitive and social gameplay in an immersive world and onboard millions of players into the world of Web3.
With that in mind, we are carefully crafting ownership features to enhance and support the traditional free-to-play inspired gaming experiences found throughout the Evaverse.
The Evaverse is entirely free-to-play. Players can download the game, create an account and join their friends in their favorite game mode.

Free-to-Play Core

Sustainable growth is at the core of the Evaverse monetization model. The potential value earned playing the Evaverse is based on the current value within the game ecosystem. Future game content, cosmetics, and avatar drops will come through the Evaverse S.N.A.X. Machine, our in-game shop.
In-game purchases made through the Evaverse shop with FIAT currencies are converted to $EVA tokens to fund the earning pool, creating constant buy pressure on the token. Players who own an Evaverse Arrival avatar, called Evatars, will earn a share in the weekly reward pool. Each Evatar’s level and rarity further increase the earning capacity of $EVA tokens generated by the in-game shop. All players with or without an Evatar are invited to earn NFTs, tokens, and game assets in a series of skill-based tournaments and competitions known as the EVA Games.
The Evaverse game loop focuses on immersive, competitive, and fun gameplay mechanics. Holding NFTs will never be required for playing and experiencing the festivities planned throughout the Evaverse world. Blockchain technology should enhance an already superb gaming experience, and not be a barrier to entry.

Game First Development

The Evaverse first launched in August alongside the First Arrivals NFT collection. We firmly believe in a game-first development approach. Games should serve the community and bring value and joy to players beyond pure speculation. Players who buy into the Evaverse ecosystem won't wait years for a fully developed playable game.
We strive to simultaneously release playable counterparts to all of our NFT content and believe this should be the standard for NFT Play-to-Earn games.