Welcome to the Evaverse
Official EVAVERSE Whitepaper v01 - Subject to Development Changes - Last Updated 12/15

Best in Class Play-to-Earn Wonderland

Evaverse is a multiplayer video game platform designed to be the most enjoyable and immersive digital world for players to socialize and earn. The Evaverse game is designed to bring NFT and gaming communities together by offering AAA immersive gameplay for everyone.
The Evaverse is built for blockchain players, traditional gamers, and NFT collectors and is blending these communities by creating a world-class social experience for all.

Earning in the EVAVERSE

Earning cryptocurrency in the Evaverse is done through participating in interactive gaming experiences called EVA Games.
The EVA games offer ever-expanding gameplay and fully designed game loops that allow players to play and earn in their favorite ways. Players will earn cryptocurrency tokens from games they love to play. Additional earning paths and systems will come online as the gaming community grows and the Play-to-Earn economy launches.
EVA Games will allow players to earn in the following ways:
Competitive Game Circuit
  • Weekly Leaderboards Rewards
  • Competition Ranked Season Rewards
  • Weekend Tournaments
  • Team/Guild Competitions
  • Betting on EVA Games
Player Engagement
  • Leveling up Player NFTs
  • Leveling up Gear NFTs
  • User-Generated Content NFTs
Community Engagement
  • Special/Holiday Events
  • Holding Evaverse NFTs
  • Community Governance
  • Giveaway Contests

Game First Development

The Evaverse first launched in August alongside the First Arrivals NFT collection. We firmly believe in a game-first development approach. Games should serve the community and bring value and joy to players beyond pure speculation. Players who buy into the Evaverse ecosystem won't wait years for a fully developed playable game.
We strive to release playable counterparts to all of our NFT content simultaneously and believe this should be the standard for NFT Play-to-Earn games.
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Best in Class Play-to-Earn Wonderland
Earning in the EVAVERSE
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